ROBBO™ is an educational set for creating smart devices

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Lab is a very easy robot to enter the world of technology.

This robot is not able to move on its own, however, it can definitely bring you closer to understanding such phenomena as e.g. sun light and sound. The Lab is a fun way of experimenting while combining numeric values, physics, robotics and programming.

Robot kit

Robot kit is a comprehensive robot construction kit with five simple magnetic-mount sensors and led light.

By mixing and combining sensors you can replicate any technology that surrounds you, from smartphone to refrigerator. The Robot kit combines science with unlimited amount of creativity.

ROBBO at Oppimisen fiesta

ROBBO at Oppimisen fiesta

In the beginning of November (1 - 2.11.) ROBBO attended to Oppimisen fiesta at Helsinki. Oppimisen fiesta is a festival for everyone interested in new ideas of learning and education! There were a high number of participants interested in the field of educational...

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We welcome a new school from Valencia

We welcome a new school from Valencia

On Monday 11th of September ROBBO director Kristina Karkkonen visited Valencia, Spain and conducted ROBBO™ workshop for teachers from Caxton College - British School Since 1987. The Caxton College teaches the British curriculum and allows it's students to learn in an...

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ROBBO presenting robots at Russian tech village

ROBBO presenting robots at Russian tech village

ROBBO participated in Startup Village in Moscow 6.-7.6.2017 with hundreds of other tech-entrepreneurs. Our Program Director Kristina presented our ROBBO Lab to Etelä-Suomen Sanomat. "It (ROBBO Lab) is not a robot that can move on its own, but it has a few inbuilt...

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A comprehensive educational tool with instructions, exercise cards and ideas for creating the ultimate learning experience


ROBBO is created by an international team of professionals and creative people from Finland and Russia.

Maria Hakkarainen

Project Manager

Pavel Frolov



“According to our research the ROBBO products are easy to use and adaptive tools for teaching programming to users at different levels. In addition to programming, ROBBO teaches environmental studies and all-around useful skills, in particular when the exercises of the pedagogical guide are being utilized.”

Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki

“With ROBBO, you have the chance to learn how to program robots in the simple Scratch programming environment or apply already learned Scratch-skills with robotics. I recommend everyone to try!”


“It’s like cardio for the brain! Programming and robotics is challenging but interesting, and my interest for technology has certainly increased.”

3rd-4th Grade Teacher