Pedagogical guide

Our pedagogical guide is comprehensive educational tool with instructions, exercise cards and ideas for creating the ultimate learning experience. It has been developed together with Finnish teachers and students and Innokas Network that is coordinated by the Department of Teacher Education at the University of Helsinki. Over 30 exercises are designed and tested together with teachers and students to help you smoothly open the door to the programming- and technology world. The Pedagogical Guide can be used to support general school subjects or as a basis for extracurricular activities.

Quick guide

This quick guide is intended for the v1.0 model of the Robot kit device and v1.0/v3.0 of the Lab. You will find the model of your own equipment marked on the product back side.

DBR Results

The aim of this co-operative design-based research project was to develop a pedagogical guide for the ROBBO robotic platform. The goal was to produce material that supports both pupils’ learning and teachers’ instruction in programming and robotics. This material can also be used by parents and other interested persons. Altogether, 174 pupils, age 9-16 years old, and nine teachers from Innokas Network participated in the project.


ROBBO Franchise Program

A brief presentation about ROBBO company and about ROBBO Club franchise.

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