What happened

The National Final of the Scratch Olympiad 2023 has been held in the Ministry of Education of Thailand. The award ceremony was presided over by Dr. Attapol Sangrightsee, The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education. The Minister of Digital economy and society Chaiwut Thanakamanusorn, and the Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Chalermchai Sri-on attended the event to award winners with prizes.

At first glance, coding, and creative programming in particular, may seem as far from agriculture, as Thailand lies away from the Nottingham forest. The only reason for a Thai agricultural official to join the children’s IT event we might imagine is supporting a son or a daughter in their educational activities.

However, things are changing and technologies are taking over at an incredible rate nowadays, penetrating all the possible fields of human activities. And ‘Smart farming’ is seen as the key to further efficiency of agriculture.

What is Smart farming

Smart farming is revolutionizing the agricultural industry by integrating cutting-edge technologies into traditional farming practices. By leveraging drones, artificial intelligence, big data, IoT, satellites, and other advanced tools, farmers can optimize their operations and achieve superior results. This shift towards smart farming reduces the need for manual labor, lowers costs, and boosts production volumes, ultimately making agribusiness more profitable and efficient.

Robotics talents for the future of Thailand

The Thai Ministry of Agriculture is developing Smart farming and is in desperate need of professionals who can implement the Internet of Things and agricultural robots in the fields. The Thai Industry Federation estimates that the country needs over 100,000 professionals in the field of robotics, but there is nowhere to find them. The only hope is to rely on proper education for Thai students.

That is the reason why the Minister of Agriculture of Thailand attends the National Final of the Scratch Olympiad competition where many talented youngsters gather. The open source technologies and educational program powered by ROBBO are estimated as the solution to nurture the future robotics engineers for Thailand.

Opportunities for your country

Definitely, it is any country in the world that can benefit from children’s education and thus lay the foundation for technological development in the future. Below are the options that ROBBO provides for you:

The Scratch Olympiad competition is already held in 45 countries; bring it to your land too: https://creativeprogramming.org/

Suggest the free training course to teachers: https://www.robbo.world/ecourse/

Get the free materials for getting basics: https://www.robbo.world/materials/access-ok/

Implement the signature robotics classes in educational institutions: https://class.robbo.world/