ROBBO and We Foundation, together with Innokas-network, organized a programming- and robotics schooling weekend for teachers at Scandic Marski in Helsinki 21-22.1.2017.

The purpose of the schooling was to introduce teachers to the world of programming and robotics. Most of the teachers did not have previous knowledge of coding and therefore we started from scratch. With the amazing help from Innokas-network the whole weekend was filled with interactive classroom activities.

Even though programming is a part of the core curriculum in Finnish schools, it is yet not that familiar to most teachers. The theme of the first workshop was therefore to give an introduction to coding. Without using computers and robotics the teachers teamed up in pairs doing playful exercises that enhances creative thinking and logics that is needed in programming.

Computers and robots were in use during the second and third workshop. Here the teachers had the possibility to get hands on experience of coding using visual programming language RobboScratch. When teachers felt that they had a basic understanding of the software, ROBBO™ robots Robot kit and Lab were added to the learning process. Robot kit and Lab make learning more tangible and exciting. At the end, we even had the joy to hear professional programmer Juha Paananen ( talk about the many possibilities of coding.

We hope that the schooling was fruitful as well as eye-opening on how programming and robotics can be used in education in so many diverse ways.

We are very grateful to all participants for their enthusiasm and creativity!

Take a look at pictures from the event below!

This schooling is a part of ROBBO’s collaboration with We Foundation. Our aim is to provide teachers and children an opportunity to learn programming and robotics through new and innovative technology. This project is particularly designed to support after school clubs’ activities in different regions of Finland. You can find more information about the project here.