International robotic schools network launched on-line courses in coding, 3D modelling, circuit and robotics. ROBBO believes, that these is the way to keep the existing network students interested and attract new one.

25.03.2020 Helsinki, Finland the first online coding, 3D modelling and circuit courses for three different age groups are developed for 3-month period. The study of this subjects doesn’t require the using of equipment: the working place with computer and internet access should be organised for kid. The lessons can be in group of five or individually.

Further the students will be offered two options to continue education. One option will be to study robotics with equipment set, purchased in advance – ROBBO Platform and ROBBO Laboratory. The other option is to move to the new step of studying coding, 3D modelling and circuit. Besides, kids will have opportunity to start preparing for international Scratch Olympic competition in creative programming and ROBBO Festival, which are traditionally online competitions and events.

To organise distant learning in ROBBO Clubs and after the different testing bluejeans platform was selected. The platform demonstrated the best results in convenience for kid and teacher, stability and cost. Earlier ROBBO methodological department professionals educated online via the platform chosen teaches for ROBBO Clubs network.

“Due to the high season of SARS and flue, as well as preventive measures against the outbreak of coronavirus in the world, the attendance of the ROBBO Clubs network in March decreased by 30%. About 90% of students who do not attend clubs continued to study online,” notes Director of Franchising ROBBO Club Network Ekaterina Ekalo – We see interest in the format of distance learning in our clubs both from our own students and new kids. We are technically ready to accept those children whose sections have closed or were unable to promptly switch to distance learning training format. “

As Ekaterina Ekalo stated, the launch of distant education format didn’t require the additional financial investments. The existing company employees and technical resources were involved.

“We have invested several million USD in the development of our educational methods. They are used in teaching for more than 50 thousand children in 18 countries. Therefore, we were able to quickly adapt our programs for the online format and launch distance learning,” said Ekaterina Ekalo.

To register for trial lesson please follow the link