The first robotic club of international network ROBBO Club opened in Bangkok. During two years franchisee’s company plans to start 10 clubs in Thailand, with €400K investments amount.

March 12th 2020 Bangkok, Thailand. The official opening of the robotic club ROBBO Club Siam Centerpoint.

The robotic education network in Thailand was started by Engineering Future Thailand, company purchased ROBBO Club franchise in December 2019. ROBBO Tai business partners aim to open 10 clubs in Bangkok in the nearest two years. Based on ROBBO methodology, more than 1200 Tai kids will be able to study robotics, coding, 3D modelling and 3D printing, as well as IoT technologies.

ROBBO has offices in Finland, Japan, Russia, uniting the leading world experts in education, robotics and coding.

International player of educational robotics ROBBO works at Thailand market since 2017. The local distributor, TenForward, helped to translate the software and the methodological materials to Tai language and implemented ROBBO engineering classes in six Tai schools.

Network of robotic centres ROBBO Club unites 130 clubs, 11 from them are ROBBO owned one, the other are working under franchise agreement. Nowadays the network is operating in 45 Russian cities. Two clubs were opened in Finland. In 2020 company plans to extend the network overseas: two own clubs are in final preparation in Japan, as well as partners projects in Germany and Romania.

“We started to get significantly more franchise requests from overseas, – underlined Pavel Frolov, ROBBO Founder, – EdTech international market in 2019 will reach 200 billion US dollars and grows approximately 15% annually. Russian market is growing fast as well, but its’ capacity constitutes only 1 % of the world one. For this reason, we are interested to develop at international market accordingly.

Our software and methodological materials are translated into English, Finish, Japanese and Thai. As practice indicates, for the selected market, our project can be localised during the short time period. Moreover, ROBBO hardware and software are open source type, what gives wide possibilities for engineering subjects study and deep involvement into the technologies. These increase the interest to our products”.

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