It has been a consequent decision to join Worlddidac after having won the prestigious WORLDDIDAC AWARD back in November 2023. ROBBO educational equipment — ROBBO Robot kit and ROBBO lab, accompanied by a comprehensive Teacher’s Guide — were recognized winners in the nomination of Worlddidac Exceptional Product 2023 then.

The golden status opens doors to significant opportunities, such as presence in association’s social media, access to new markets of interest within trade missions, access to market information via market library or custom research, special conditions and support at Worlddidac events, voting right and eligibility for the Council membership, and many other facilities.

As the leading global trade association for the educational resources industry, Worlddidac collaborates with all education sectors, countries, and relevant national associations to foster synergies and partnership opportunities for our members, aiming to enhance education worldwide. It is the sole global association exclusively devoted to education development on a global scale, dedicated to creating value for all involved in education. Worlddidac members encompass manufacturers of educational materials, dealers, distributors, international associations, governmental institutions, schools, universities, and private entrepreneurs engaged in the education sector across all levels and fields.

The Worlddidac logo symbolizes excellence, not only in products but also in the ethical conduct of its members. Each potential member undergoes a thorough two-week vetting process before joining Worlddidac and committing to abide by the organization’s Code of Conduct. Worlddidac member companies offer top-notch education products and services and are dependable collaborators for business needs.

ROBBO profile at Worlddidac