In May 2023, the ROBBO team submitted its educational solutions to the Worlddidac Awards 2023 competition.

The first stage of the competition was based on the application; the jury carefully studied the objectives of the educational solution from ROBBO and invited our project to the second round.

Worlddidac – ROBBO

The second stage of selection took place in Bern, Switzerland , in September. The ROBBO team presented to the competition committee the company’s educational approaches and educational equipment: ROBBO Robot Kit and ROBBO Lab, as well as a textbook that was developed jointly with Innokas and the University of Helsinki for school teachers.

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The jury highly appreciated the presentation and invited the company to participate in the “Swissdidac & Worlddidac Bern Education Fair” of educational solutions at the end of November.

On November 21, our team went to the “Swissdidac & Worlddidac Bern Education Fair” in Bern. At the end of the first day of the Education Fair there was an awards ceremony, and ROBBO was presented with the trophy on stage in the presence of the entire international educational and methodological community. Our products have become leaders in the Worlddidac exceptional product 2023 nomination.

Alley of Winners 2023

This is a great honor for ROBBO and a victory for our entire team! 

We are happy that the high-ranking jury and colleagues in the educational community highly appreciated the educational solution in the field of teaching children programming and robotics from ROBBO.

More about the event

20th Worlddidac Award Innovative educational solutions honored 

Bern (Switzerland), 

21st of November, 2023 

A festive awards ceremony was held today as part of the “Swissdidac & Worlddidac Bern Education Fair”. For the 20th time, the Worlddidac Foundation presented the Worlddidac Awards to the proud winners in front of over 140 guests. 

The anniversary edition of the Worlddidac Awards took place this year – a year late due to the coronavirus pandemic: the Worlddidac Foundation has been dedicated to evaluating and recognizing innovative educational solutions for over 30 years, now for the 20th time. The award is usually presented every two years to educationally valuable products and has now established itself as a recognized seal of quality in the educational landscape.

 International jury selects 32 winners 

After careful evaluation on August 19 and from September 11 to 14, 2023 in Bern, a total of 32 educational solutions received a Worlddidac Award. The international jury of experts, consisting of teachers, focused on the practical and level appropriate use of the products in schools. Under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Peter Gloor from MIT Massachusetts, they were able to rely on the discussions and, in most cases, the product presentations given by the authors and manufacturers themselves. The majority of the products admitted to the award came from Switzerland, but the organizers were nevertheless pleased with the high level of interest and registrations from eleven nations this year. Award ceremony and anniversary celebration 

The trophies were presented to the proud winners at a festive ceremony held November 21, 2023, at the “Swissdidac & Worlddidac Bern Education Fair” in front of over 140 invited guests. A total of 32 educational solutions achieved the required overall score for the quality label. In addition to the awards for the best teaching materials, the anniversary of the Worlddidac Award was also celebrated.