Russian education robotics manufacturer ROBBO developed program and carried out Greek schoolchildren training within European Union exchange program Erasmus+

18.03.20 Helsinki, Finland In February-March 2020 students from the 1st Ergastriako Kentro Lagada school (Greece) visited Finland in the frame of Erasmus+ education program, which unites acquaintance with country and getting new knowledges. Robotics was selected as educational subject, and ROBBO was invited to be education partner, company has representative office in Finland. ROBBO Methodist Svyatoslav Savelyev prepared the dedicated course and carried out training.


During 7 days the robotic study for Greek students was based in Aalto University, Helsinki. The training in English was attended by 15 students 17-18 years old and 3 school teachers. All of them learned about children’s visual programming language Scratch and started to program Arduino microcontrollers, studied robots building principals and coding, using equipment developed by ROBBO: Arduino kit, ROBBO Platform, ROBBO Laboratory, 3D printer Mini.

Education result was to create your own robot Frenki, which is able to move in different sides, follow the drawn line, evaluate distance from the subjects and connect via blue tooth-module with the other devices. Course participants not only assembled and coded robot, but made the body details on 3D printer themselves.

“Education system in Finland is considered to be one of the best in European Union – noted ROBBO FINLAND Oy CEO Maria Hakkarainen. – We are working in Finland for more than 5 years, following the support from Finish government. Today ROBBO technology and methodological approach are implemented in European Union education programs. Apart from Erasmus+ project, company, together with partners, will educate robotics, coding, 3D- printing and Internet of Things teachers and students from Finish and Russian schools within European transborder cooperation program “Russia-South-East Finland.”

Erasmus + is a European Union program aimed at supporting education, youth and sports. The budget of the program for 2014-2020 constitutes 16,45 billion euros. More than 4 million people will take part in the program and will be able to undergo professional re-training and get an education in different European countries. ROBBO participation in the program was recognized as successful and opens up opportunities for Russian manufacturer further cooperation with the largest educational program in the European Union.