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Lab is a very easy robot to enter the world of technology.

This robot is not able to move on its own, however, it can definitely bring you closer to understanding such phenomena as e.g. sun light and sound. The Lab is a fun way of experimenting while combining numeric values, physics, robotics and programming.

With the Lab everyone has the chance to be a doer instead of just a user. This is a fun and engaging way of learning programming while enhancing skills in problem solving, abstract thinking and creativity. How about designing your personal game controller or recreating traffic lights? Do you know how a keyboard is programmed? This and much more can be studied with the Lab. (Price do not include VAT.)

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Robot kit

Robot kit is a comprehensive robot construction kit with five simple magnetic-mount sensors and led light.

By mixing and combining sensors you can replicate any technology that surrounds you, from smartphone to refrigerator. The Robot kit combines science with unlimited amount of creativity.

Robot kit is designed to teach both children and adults programming and robotics. Nevertheless, it is a good supporting tool to run any physics experiments e.g. involving velocity and acceleration, exploring optics. Work with Robot kit improves problem solving, analytical skills, innovativeness and enhances teamwork skills.  (Price do not include VAT.)

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Lab + Robot kit

Unleash the full potential of two robots and dive deeper into the world of programming and robotics.

Develop your programming skills further by combining both the Lab and the Robot kit. The simultaneous use of both devices allows you to create challenging programs and get a more profound understanding of robotics.

The Lab is a fun way of experimenting while combining numeric values, physics, robotics and programming, while the Robot kit is ideal for exploring everyday technologies. The simultaneous use of both robots creates a variety of new opportunities within programming and require more advanced skills. How about designing your own remote-controlled car?  (Price do not include VAT.)