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On this page you will be able to:

1. Where can I download educational materials?

All our materials can be found from the Materials page.

2. What are the ROBBO™ products used for?

By offering these products, we want to help you to learn programming and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects while having fun! It really is true what they say – learning can be fun!

3. Which age group are the ROBBO™ products suitable for?

There is no such thing as “age group” for our products: everyone passionate about learning programming and technology can benefit from it (means that our products are suitable for children ages 7-99 years old). However, the teaching material was specifically designed for kids and teens ages 7-15. Kids and teens under the age of 14 years old should use robots under supervision.

4. Are ROBBO™ products durable?

The products are housed in acrylic glass which is a strong and lightweight material. While the products can withstand minor falls, we highly recommend avoiding dropping them.

5. Are ROBBO™ products waterproof?

No, they are not waterproof and we do not recommend exposing them to water.

6. Are ROBBO™ products made from safe materials?

Yes, all component materials follow the European CE standard

7. How does ROBBO™ products work?

Both Robot kit and Lab have a “brain” which does most of the “thinking”. This brain is a small ATMega 328 MPU (microprocessor unit) visible on the surface of the PCB (printed circuit board), about the size of an ant. An MPU can be given instructions to do certain jobs – in other words, it can be programmed. It will remember these instructions until it is given new ones and it will follow these instructions precisely and incredibly fast – it can go through 16 million instructions in one second! The fact that microprocessors are so much faster than humans doing simple tasks is what
makes them so useful.

8. How do I program ROBBO™ products?

The Robot and Lab can be programmed with a computer and an USB cable using several different types of programming software.
You can use:

1. RobboScratch visual programming interface. This is a ROBBO™ specific tool. See software for installation and usage.

2. Arduino IDE. This is a more general tool for programming microprocessors. Uses text based programming and has a big community providing a lot of examples and tutorials.

3. Snap4Arduino. This is also a visual programming interface that can be run inside the Chrome web browser. Requires Firmata. See instructions how to install for Windows without admin rights.


9. Can I modify the products or make them myself?

Being open source evangelists we provide all blueprints and assembly schematics for those who would like to create Robot kit or Lab from scratch. You can find all information about the products on the project’s GitHub.


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    You can download all required software and blueprints from Robbo file depository and github:

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