1. What is the Lab?

The Lab is a digital laboratory of the size of a phone. With the Lab, you can check the illuminance or noise level, and it can even be used as a game controller. The brain of the Lab is Arduino Nano microcontroller.

2. What can I do with the Lab?

Using the Lab, you will learn how to retrieve data from the environment by means of sensors, how to calibrate the sensors, how to process the information obtained, and how to use this information when writing programs. This special board, when connected to a computer, gives you access to external sensors and controlling devices. The Lab provides an opportunity to interact with the characters also known as sprites (in the programming environment), to manage the situation in the projects, or to learn about the world around without using the keyboard and mouse. With the help of Lab, you can learn how the keyboard works, how traffic light operates and how to make characters move by simply using your voice. In addition, the Lab can be used as a remote control for Robot kit!

3. What components are included in the Lab?

4. Which device enables me to program the Lab?

The Lab can be programmed with a computer in the RobboScratch visual programming environment, using the USB-connection. The Lab is also programmable in Arduino IDE.

5. Does the Lab have a name?

Yes, each robot has its own name like ROB-L-1-1-113. To find it, turn over the chassis and you will see a sticker with the name at the bottom of the robot.

6. How do I start using the Lab for the first time?

Connect the Lab to your computer using the USB cable, and run the RobboScratch software.

7. How do I update firmware on the Lab?

Firmware is updated automatically when you connect Lab to your PC via USB and open RobboScratch. A window with a COM number will open and there will be a circle indicating firmware status. If it is red (there is no firmware) or yellow (firmware is outdated), you will need to press the “update firmware button”. If the circle is green, you are ready to start programming!

8. Where can I see the sensor readings?

Sensor readings are displayed in the RobboScratch Lab area.


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