1. What do I do if the casing of the sensor, Robot kit or Lab is broken?

The casings of the Robot kit, the Lab, as well as the casing of the sensors, are made of acrylic glass (PMMA). Please see Warranty for more information. If the defect has existed at the time of delivery, please contact our support.

You can cut out the required item on your own — please find instructions here. 

If you wish to purchase additional pieces, please contact our sales team at

2. The Robot kit’s wheels are working but, the sensor does not send readings?

Notice how the magnets are arranged on the sensor — they must be located exactly as shown in the picture.

The location of the magnets is associated with a specific location of the power, ground, and analog output on the contact pad. If the magnets are arranged incorrectly, the sensor will send wrong or distorted readings, or even not send them at all. It might help to push sensors a bit harder into the socket to set them all the way through. Also, there might be some dust or dirt in between the robot and sensor (between connection pins), use cleaning cloth for LCD/LED screens, if needed.

Remember to tick the boxes to start receiving readings.

3. What do I do if RobboScratch “freezes” / is not responding?

First of all, save your code (File -> Save as), if possible. But don’t worry, RobboScratch automatically saves everything, you might recover your code when RobboScratch opens again. Then, restart all: close RobboScratch, disconnect the robot from your computer/tablet. Make the connection again.

  • Check if your computer actually “sees” Lab/Robot kit: to do so, open RobboScratch-control panel.
  • If you cannot locate RobboScratch-control panel right away, you can open it in Windows by clicking on the status bar and see if there is a connection (a green circle).
  • Windows/Linux: If you cannot locate RobboScratch-control panel in windows, go to the status bar which is located either in the top right corner or downright corner on your desktop. Press the shortcut icon and choose RobboScratch-control panel.
  • Mac: Go to the status bar on the top corner. The RobboScratch-control panel sign should be visible right away.

You will see window popping up with your connected devices and some shortcuts. We are interested in the little circle which indicates if there is a connection or not. If the circle is green, then the connection is established. However, if the circle is red or yellow; check the USB-cable connection and/or update firmware (see “How do I update firmware on the Robot kit/Lab?”).

Remember that you need to click “new lookup” in the RobboScratch-control panel in order to establish the connection.

4. I have followed the instructions but the Robot kit doesn’t work!

Check if the USB cable is working. Try connecting another Robot with the USB cable. There is also a possibility that the computer’s USB port is damaged, in this case, try connecting the USB to another computer. If the problem remains unsolved, please contact support.

5. What do I do if the Robot kit’s wheels do not rotate?

Check the motor power in RobboScratch. With time wheels can be a little worn out, so they might need a bit more power. You can set the power of the motors in RobboScratch. Try this program, for example

If you have changed the motor power to 100 % and neither of the motors started turning, try to manually turn both robots in different directions. Try to rotate the wheels in opposite directions, they should rotate easily without greater force. While turning please check the trip meter-values (see picture). Check that the trip meter shows changing values in the Robot-window in RobboScratch. If both wheels turn the problem is mechanical. Please contact our support at Please attach a detailed description of the issue and pictures or/and a video to your email.

6. How to report a malfunction in RobboScratch or in the robots?

Our tech-team is here to help you. You can always contact us in any problems that you are experiencing in either software or hardware. We highly appreciate if you can follow this model when reporting an issue or problem:

  • Please explain the issue or problem as detailed as possible. Please also describe the situation when the problem occurred.
  • If possible, please attach screen shots and pictures to your message. We also like videos.
  • Send your message to:

Our response time depends on how detailed your explanation of the problem is and the complexity of the problem. Nevertheless, our technical specialists will be in contact with you within two (2) business days, either confirming that your request is being handled or asking for more information if necessary. Thank you for your patience, we appreciate it!


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