There is two-year warranty for main electronic components of Robot kit and Lab if defects presumed to have existed at the time of the delivery. Plastic parts have 30 days of warranty from the delivery date. The motors on Robot kit have 100 days of warranty from the delivery date. USB cables can only be exchanged during first two (2) weeks after receiving the package. Warranty is automatically cancelled if the products are used in conditions they are not suitable for.

Our sole obligation in the event of such defects during this period is to repair or replace the defective part or Product with a comparable part or Product; how we replace or repair the Product is at our sole discretion. Replaced or repaired Products will be warrantied for the remainder of the original warranty period or fourteen (14) days from the date of delivery of the replaced or repaired Product to you, whichever is longer. Please note that this warranty ONLY applies to orders placed on our website and only to the original purchaser. We advise you to keep your receipt of delivery as well as receipt of purchase to show proof of delivery and proof of purchase if needed.


    Our office is at:
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    02150 Espoo

    Phone: +358 942 738 023

    ROBBO™ is our registered trademark in the EU.

    You can download all required software and blueprints from Robbo file depository and github: